The V Channel (TVC) is seeking personal stories about how the past few months of the coronavirus pandemic and quarantine have affected the lives of kids across the country.

Selected stories will be used in our Morgan Interviews presentation to PBS.


Be an inspiration!

Share your story about how virtues have helped your family be their “Best” during the crisis, and help Morgan inspire kids to choose virtues, now and in the future.

Virtues from A to Z:

Click on a virtue for definitions.

Acceptance Assertiveness Caring Cleanliness Compassion Confidence Consideration Courtesy Courage Creativity Detachment Determination Enthusiasm Excellence • Flexibility Forgiveness Friendliness Generosity Gentleness Helpfulness Helpfulness Honesty  • Humility Idealism Joyfulness Justice Kindness Love Loyalty Mercy Moderation Modesty Obedience Orderliness Patience Peacefulness Purposefulness Reliability Respect Responsibility Reverence Self-Discipline Service Steadfastness Tact Thankfulness Tolerance Trustworthiness Truthfulness Unity Zeal

A few questions to help get your story started.

Reflect on the following questions. Cut and paste them with your answers into an email or Word doc and send them to Don’t worry about punctuation or grammar, as our TVC writers will help edit your story, and let us know if you choose to remain anonymous.

  • How has the crisis affected you and your family?
  • What virtues have you and your children practiced in the past few months to overcome the challenges and adversity of quarantine? Acceptance, Confidence, Patience, Tolerance and Forgiveness to name just a few. (See above for full list.)

  • Describe how the virtues have helped you to overcome a specific challenge.

In these uncertain and unprecedented times, let’s celebrate our wins and honor our losses, and show kids we’re all learning about virtues and growing toward being our “Best”, whatever our best might be.

Send us your story, whether it’s humorous, heartwarming, inspiring, or sad, about how the coronavirus pandemic and quarantine has affected you and your family.

Story examples:

My child was frightened that I’m going to get sick and maybe die from the coronavirus. I acknowledged that the world can be dangerous and scary place, and then emphasized how it takes Courage to face one’s fears and persevere.

My eldest son doesn’t think he needs to wear a mask when he goes to shoot baskets in the park, but his little sister reminded him that those are the rules. “Why don’t you mind your own business?” he said. She talked about the virtue of Obedience, how obeying the law keeps everyone safe. Then she reminded him that he taught her obedience when he caught her jaywalking last year. He promised he would wear his mask.

Last year my 11-year old daughter touched her eyes while chopping jalapeño peppers. “Ouch, it burns!”, she cried. Later she said she was mad at the jalapeño peppers and would never eat them again. I recognized the teachable moment and talked about the virtues of Purposefulness, to always wash her hands after chopping peppers, and Courage to try again, even if something is scary and difficult. The following night she helped chopped peppers! And made sure she washed her hands. I was very proud of her. I think that little life lesson helped prepare her for the challenges we’re facing today due to the coronavirus.

Don’t sugar coat it.

Sheltering at home has shut down the economy and forced millions into stressful and dire living situations.

We invite you to anonymously share any difficulties you’ve experienced as your story may touch the hearts of others experiencing similar circumstances.

It’s been a rollercoaster of emotion and we’re on this ride together. Please, share your story, and create connections in this era of social distancing. Now more than ever, we need to be seen, heard and know we’re not alone, despite our distance. 

If you have questions or require assistance in writing your story, please contact us at

Send your story in an email or attach a Word doc.

Morgan, and all of us at The V Channel, thank you in advance for your generosity of time, honesty, and openness to tell your story.


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