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Acceptance is being open to what is rather that wishing something were different. We face the truth in all circumstances with honesty and courage. Acceptance helps us to tap into our flexibility around tests and difficulties, gather the lessons from the situation, and move forward with new information. We look to the qualities of character in ourselves and others, and avoid judgment and criticism.

What would Acceptance look like if…

  • Your family had to move to a new city?
  • You found out you didn’t make the team you tried out for?
  • You discovered your new friend was from a different country and speaks a foreign language?
  • Your teacher wanted you to work with a classmate who you didn’t like?
  • Your mom imposed a new bedtime routine that you don’t agree with?
  • You wanted to call a classmate names because they said something bad about someone else?

You are practicing Acceptance when you…

  • Receive the tests and difficulties in your life with flexibility and understanding
  • Accept the things you cannot change
  • Trust there is some good in everything that happens
  • Accept your family and friends for who they are
  • Trust you are 100% lovable and worthy


I accept what I cannot change with flexibility and understanding. Acceptance helps me to see the good in myself and others without judging or criticizing. Accepting myself allow me to give what I have the world.


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