What does the “V” stand for?

The “V” is for virtues!


What does the “V” sign mean?

At The V Channel (TVC), the “V” sign means more than “peace” or “victory.” It means we are practicing the virtues in our daily lives, trying our best to be our best. It means we are being “V”irtuous!


Who started The V Channel?

After a long and satisfying career in entertainment and advertising, Scott Feraco started TVC to combine his creative communication expertise with his passion for parenting, coaching and virtues. TVC was formally founded in August 2013 after receiving its 501(c)(3) confirmation letter from the IRS.


What are virtues?

Common to people of all cultures, ethnicities and beliefs, virtues are the instinctual “goodness” within every human being, or what anthropologists call “humanity’s hard-wired altruism.”


What’s the difference between values and virtues?

Values are what anyone considers important or worth seeking, and often vary from person to person. Virtues are similar to values in that they show the ‘right’ way to be and how to live, however, they are common to people of all cultures, ethnicities and beliefs. Virtues form and define character, empowering young and old alike to flourish as human beings, individually and communally.


Is The V Channel affiliated with any religious or political groups?

No. TVC offers an agnostic approach to virtues. We respect the world’s religions, however, we believe a person can practice virtues with or without religion.

While we may comment on how virtues such as Trustworthiness and Truthfulness can empower politicians to be their very “best” TVC is not affiliated with any political organizations.


How is The V Channel different than other organizations in the social good space?

Instead of clichés and stereotypes of goodness (overt sentimentality, cute and cuddly characters or memes of pretty pictures with feel good messages), TVC digs deep to explore the what, why and how of virtues and produces content that demonstrates relevant ways youth can use them in everyday life.


What is character education?

Character education is an umbrella term loosely used to describe the teaching of children in a manner that will help them develop variously as moral, civic, good, mannered, behaved, non-bullying, healthy, critical, successful, traditional, compliant or socially acceptable beings.
— From Wikipedia


How can a parent, teacher or coach use The V Channel’s content?

Begin by exploring the Virtues from “A” to “Z”. As you read the what, why and how definitions, think about how your family, classroom or team would benefit from practicing the virtues.

Browse through our “V”TOONS Coloring Pages. Print a page or two, get out the crayons and talk about virtues with your kids while they have fun coloring their favorite cartoon characters. Coloring is fun for adults, too. And we’re never too old to refresh our understanding of virtues.

Watch TVC’s VIDEOS with your kids and talk about what the characters learned, or how they benefited from choosing virtues. Discuss some of the challenges facing youth today, how they affect your kids and their friends. Imagine scenes from life. How would choosing virtues result in a more positive experience?


How do I respond when my child says, “Not another life lesson?!”

Great question! Here’s a suggestion: Have a chat with your child and let them know you choose to practice virtues such as caring, love and responsibility to be the very “best” parent you can be. Help them understand it’s a parent’s job to give children life lessons, or what we call teachable moments. Learn the Five Strategies of The Virtues ProjectTM, simple yet highly effective ways to bring out the best in children.

All kids deserve to be happy, healthy AND to learn how to make the right choices in life. It’s simple; virtues are the building blocks of everything good and great. Like human rocket fuel, they empower young people to:

  • Overcome adversity and achieve their goals and dreams
  • Rise above negative influences to stay healthy and wholesome
  • Be honest and trustworthy people in an often dishonest and deceitful world

Whether your kids want to learn how to go potty, build a sand castle, climb a tree, hit a home run, ace a test, win a beauty pageant, create the next best-selling video game or lead a march for social justice, virtues help them get there.


How is The V Channel sustained?

TVC depends on tax-deductible donations from private individuals. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation today.


Does TVC offer one-on-one or group coaching on virtues?

We recommend the Virtues Project Facilitator Program. Contact Wendy Mather for information at


What are TVC’s goals for the future?

Our goal is to take TVC to the next level by landing a deal with a major publishing or entertainment company. We envision building a robust online destination where parents, teachers, coaches —everyone who cares for children—can access entertaining and inspiring content to share with kids of all ages.


If you have questions please email us at


The V Channel is the only 100% Virtues-Driven Parenting Advice and Kid Self-Help Platform available in the media today. Stay tuned as we seek a publishing deal and corporate sponsors.

For more information contact Scott Feraco.
Mobile: 917-445-0102

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