At The V Channel, the “V” sign means much more than “peace” or “victory.” It means the Virtues from “A” to “Z”.

Mia-Myles-Christmas-2017-lrWe’re showing the “V” sign for the Joyfulness of the holiday season. And Thankfulness for all the presents we’ll receive because of mom and dad’s Generosity!
Myles and Mia, NYC NY


IMG_5300The “V” is for Caring and Kindness for my family and students.
Hank, Folsom CA


Shoe-V-sign.lrA stranger practiced courtesy and kindness by opening the door for me at the supermarket.
Her “V” sign shoes say it all!
Wendy, El Dorado Hills CA“V” for Enthusiasm because today is my birthday!
Ranzzel, Brooklyn NY


Marcus with mom and brother.lrWe show the “V” sign for Reliability to be on time for the school bus!
Marcus with his brother and mother, Brooklyn NY


Elmer“V” is for Friendliness and Thankfulness.
Elmer, Brooklyn NY
I show the Love “V” sign for my mom.
Brandon, Brooklyn NY


Jeremy_V-sign_lrI’m showing the “V” sign for Reliability and Helpfulness because the younger kids on the school bus need my help.
Jeremy, Brooklyn NY

Josh and Nico“V” for Loyalty.
Nico and Josh, Brooklyn NY


Donaidy_croppedI’m starting high school so the “V” signs means Assertiveness. I’m going to be positive and confident, knowing that I have my own special gifts and talents.
Donaidy, Bronx NY


Freddie and“V” is for Reliability because I’m always on time for the school bus.
Freddie and his mom, Brooklyn NY


Emma_pre surgery_cropped.lrThe “V” sign meant Courage and Confidence when I had surgery to fix my broken ankle.
Emma, El Dorado Hills CA

Guttman boys w-Mr Scott_lr“V” for Virtues because we like coloring “V”TOONS.
The Guttman boys with Mr. Scott, Brooklyn NY


Liza.lrThe “V” sign means Thankfulness to be alive.
Liza, Bronx NY


Morgan_V sign“V” for the Virtues from “A” to “Z” that help kids be their very best!
Morgan, The V Channel’s Kid Correspondent
Learn about Morgan’s interview series >“V” is for Excellence.
Peter, Long Island NY



We want to inspire you to be virtuous! One random winner will receive a “V”shirt!


  1. Take a photo of yourself, your child, a friend or family member, a teacher or coach—anybody showing the “V” sign!
  2. Go to the Virtues from “A” to “Z”. Choose one or more of the virtues that best describe how virtues empower the person in the photo to:
    • Overcome adversity
    • Rise above negative influences
    • Be a virtuous person (an honest and trustworthy person)
  3. Write a caption and post your photo on our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages. (While you’re there make sure to follow us!) Or email your photo at




Mr Scott_V-sign“V” for Virtues we what we say, to make us better every day!
Mr. Scott, Brooklyn NY
Watch “Mr. Scott” mini documentary (9:22) >“V” is for Humility, even when I become a famous dancer.
DeJayne, Brooklyn NY
“V” is for Unity to stop all the violence in the world.
Dyraisha, Brooklyn NY“V” for Tolerance, because you can’t change the way people are.
Elijah, Brooklyn NY


Lamont.lrLove and Kindness, especially for my family and friends.
Lamont, Brooklyn NY


Ismail.lrLoyalty is very important to me.
Ismail, Brooklyn NY


Isaiah.lrI like to tell funny stories. But when I’m serious I show the “V” sign for Truthfulness.
Isaiah, Brooklyn NY


Rajaee.lrI’m an artist, so the “V” sign means Creativity. It also means Purposefulness and Self-discipline to keep getting better.
Rajaee, Brooklyn NY


Za'Velin.lrI show the “V” sign for the three C’s. Caring, Compassion and Consideration.
Za’Velin, Brooklyn NY


NaszirWhen I play football I’m mean, but off the field I show the “V” for Gentleness and Peacefulness.
Naszir, Brooklyn NY


Frank Lekstutis.lrI had a stroke last year. “V” is for the virtues of Confidence, Determination and Steadfastness to learn how to walk again.
Frank, Staten Island NY


John“V” is for Patience while I’m waiting… waiting… waiting… for the subway.
John, Brooklyn NY


Richard Drake.2.lrI show the “V” sign hoping our politicians will start practicing Honesty and Trustworthiness.
Richard, Brooklyn NY


Mackenzie_Wendy.croppedReliability and Friendliness are two virtues I practice on my new part time job.
Mackenzie, El Dorado Hills CA


DougI’m a screenwriter and school bus driver. “V” for Creativity and Consideration!
Doug, El Dorado Hills CA

Dr. Joe Andrews_lrThe “V” sign means Caring for my patients, family and friends.
Dr. Joe, San Diego CA


Hoyt, Greg and Scott_lr
We show the “V” sign for Honesty and Tact to keep our lifelong friendship thriving.
Hoyt, Scott and Greg, San Diego CA



The V Channel is currently in development. Our goal is to be the only virtues-driven parenting advice and kid self-help platform available in the media today. We are reaching out to major media and entertainment companies seeking a publishing deal. For information, contact:
Scott Feraco
Founder and Creative Director



Special thanks to The Family Virtues Guide, by Linda Kavelin Popov with Dr. Dan Popov Ph.D., and John Kavelin, and The Virtues Project, a global grassroots initiative to inspire the practice of virtues in everyday life.


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