From The Family Virtues Guide


Purposefulness is having a clear focus instead of being fuzzy or unsure what you’re doing or why you’re doing it. When you have a goal you are working toward, you are acting on purpose. To be purposeful means concentrating on something. You concentrate your efforts so that something good will happen as a result. You are faithful to your purpose no matter what.

Some people just let things happen. A purposeful person makes things happen.


Unless you are purposeful, you will become confused. You will lose track of what you are doing, let yourself get distracted, and your efforts will be lost. With out a sense of purpose you wouldn’t know the reasons why you are doing something, and when the going gets tough you would just give up.

Without a clear purpose you would probably become scattered. Without concentrated efforts nothing gets accomplished. You would do a little of this and a little of that, never really finishing anything. You would be surrounded by all kinds of unfinished projects with none of them really complete. All your time and effort would be wasted.

When you choose to be purposeful, you can accomplish great things. You have a vision or goal for what you want top do. Act in a concentrated and focused way, and you will see the results of your efforts. You will always be motivated because you will know why you are doing something. You will stick to your purpose no matter what happens.


Being purposeful begins with a vision of what you want to do. You are purposeful when you decide to do something that matters to you or someone important to you.

Before you start something, ask your self, “What do I really want to accomplish?” This is your vision and your goal. The ask yourself, “What makes it so important to me?” The answer to this is your purpose. Now you are ready to act.

As you act, keep asking yourself, “Is what I am doing going to help me accomplish my purpose?” If the answer is yes, then concentrate really hard on doing. If the answer is no, then change what you are doing to fit your purpose.

If something comes along to distract you, try hard to resist it. Get back to your purpose as soon as you can.

Do things one at a time, with as much care and concentration as you can. Don’t let yourself get scattered in many directions, trying to do everything at once.


A Cub Scout enters the Pinewood Derby and learns Purposefulness.

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