From The Family Virtues Guide


Loyalty is standing up for something you believe in, having unwavering faith. Loyalty is being faithful to your family, country, friends, or ideals.

It is standing by a person, country, or cause when the going gets tough as well as when things are good. When you are a loyal friend, even if someone disappoints or hurts you, you still hang in there with them.

When you practice loyalty, you don’t change from day to day. You stay true to someone or something unless you have a reason to believe that your loyalty has been betrayed. Loyalty is based on commitments—ones you make and plan to keep forever.

When you practice loyalty, people know what you stand for. Your friends and family know that you will support them no matter what happens. When you are loyal in your commitment to others, they know that nothing can come between you.


Without loyalty people would change their commitments as often as they change their clothes. One day they stand for this, the next day they stand for that. You can’t count on people who are not loyal because when the going gets tough, disloyal people go away. Those that counted on them for support are betrayed. Disloyal people promise that they will be there forever. The next day they are gone.

When you practice loyalty, people know they can count on you. People who are worthy of your loyalty can trust that they will never have to stand along. When you practice loyalty, you build friendships that last forever.


You practice loyalty by making a commitment to a person, country, or ideal. You have to be very careful about choosing what you commit yourself to, because if you are loyal, you will stand behind that commitment for a long time. Be sure that a person, belief, or country continues to be worthy of your loyalty. If someone tires to use your loyalty for a bad purpose or breaks faith with you, you need to decide whether if feels right to you to go on being loyal.

Loyalty is being strong in what you believe or care about. It is safeguarding something or someone you believe in. When you are loyal, you support a person, a country, or a cause during good times and bad.

If you are loyal to your family, you stand up for your brother or sister when others are acting unjustly toward them. When you are loyal, you are worthy of trust.


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