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Caring is giving love and attention to people and things that matter to you. You can show you care about someone by saying and doing things that help them. Caring about something you are doing means giving it your best.

When you care for someone, you pay a lot of attention to them and take an interest in what is happening to them. Caring shows that something or someone really matters to you. You can care for yourself, for others, for a pet or a special thing. When you care for an animal, you watch over it and take good care of its needs.

When you are careful with something, you treat it gently and respectfully, making sure that you don’t hurt it. When you do a careful job, you give it your very best effort.

Caring comes from within. It is a sign of love, respect, and concern. Caring people take the interests of others as their own. They do all that they can to show people that they are loved and valued.

Caring about yourself means that you treat yourself with respect.


Caring makes the world a better place to live in. Caring people help others feel less alone. They help people when they are hurt, or sick, or weak, not because they have to or because it is their job. They care because other people matter to them. Because they care, people can trust them. Caring people treat special things with extra concern and attention. Caring people treat everyone with the love, respect, and concern they deserve. Caring begins by loving and respecting yourself and others.

Without caring, nothing and no one matters. Everyone is alone. If someone is hurt or sick, no one will help unless she can make some money or take advantage of the person. Without caring, people would only do things for others because they expect something in return. People would become suspicious of each other. When people have an attitude of “I don’t care,” they do a sloppy or incomplete job. Sometimes that can be dangerous for people and the environment.

When you don’t care about yourself, others get the impression that you don’t matter very much. They start being careless with you too.


When you feel love and concern for others, look for ways to show your interest in them. Ask them questions about how they are, what they think and feel, like “What did you do today?” “How is your day going?” “Are you feeling better?” and “How can I help?”

When you are careful, you handle things with control and gentleness. When someone or something is entrusted to you care, you treat their trust as something sacred, giving your best and nothing but your best.

When you care about the things you do, you do them with enthusiasm and excellence, whether it is a job at home or an assignment for school.

When you care about yourself, you treat your body with respect, wear clean clothes, take a bath, and comb your hair. You take care of your needs. If you are lonely, you find a friend and spend some time. If you are hungry, you get something to eat. If you are sad, you have a little cry and then decide how you can make things better.



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