From The Family Virtues Guide


Love is caring for someone, wanting to be near them, and wanting to share with them. Love is the power of attraction. It is a special feeling that fills your heart. Loving people means treating them with special care and kindness because they mean so much to you.

You can show love in a smile, a pleasant way of speaking, a thoughtful act, or a hug.

Love is putting yourself in someone else’s shoes and caring about what they feel. It is accepting them just as they are. You can even be loving to strangers, just by caring what happens to them, and sending loving thoughts.

Love is treating other people just as you would like them to treat you—with care and respect.


Without love people would feel very lonely. When people don’t feel that they matter to anyone, they become unhappy. Sometime they act angry and treat others carelessly. They don’t let others get close to them and have trouble sharing and trusting.

Everyone wants to be liked. Everyone likes to be loved. When you are being loving, you help others to feel important. When people know they are loved, they are nicer and kinder. Love is contagious. It keeps spreading. When you love yourself, you have more love to give.


You practice being loving by allowing yourself to feel love. Sometimes it just comes. You could be watching a little bird, looking at your mother, or noticing a new person and wanting very much to make friends. Showing that you care is a way to be loving. You can do all kinds of thoughtful little things to show love.

Sharing is a way to be loving. You can share your belongings, your time, and yourself—your ideas, feelings, opinions, affection and attention.

Love is showing compassion for other people and wishing for them what you wish for yourself. Think about how you would like them to treat you and then treat them the same way. Loving yourself makes this much easier. When you practice being loved, you are kind and forgiving to yourself and others.

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