From The Family Virtues Guide


A person with “high ideals” is someone who really cares about what is right and meaningful in life. When you practice idealism, you have beliefs that mean something to you and you follow them. You don’t just accept things the way they are.

Being an idealist means believing in making the world a better place. You believe it so much that you are willing to work really hard to make it happen. You don’t ignore problems when you see them, such as people going hungry or someone being treated unjustly. You want to make a difference.

Idealists dare to have big dreams and then act as if they are possible. They can imagine something and then do it.

Idealism does not mean that you are an idle dreamer. Idle dreamers just wish things were better. Idealists do something to make things better.


When people don’t have ideals, they just live as if nothing matters very much. They have no dreams of what is possible. They settle for whatever happens.

People without ideals don’t strive to improve the conditions in the world. Without idealism things would stay just as they are. No one would have a vision of how things could be better or even what is possible. The best they would hope for is that things wouldn’t get worse. No one would be trying to improve; no one would be growing or developing. Unless people have ideals, when bad things happen, they would just let them. People would get more and more discouraged.

When you practice idealism, you know that tomorrow will be better than today. You know what is possible and you act to make it happen.


Idealism begins by picturing what you would ideally like to see happen. It is visualizing wonderful possibilities. It could be a vision of what you will be like when you grow up. Then you decide to make it happen. You look at where you are and where you want to go and make a plan to get there. People who accomplish great things have all started with an ideal.

You might want to picture having an ideal friend. That would be someone who would be just perfect for you to enjoy and spend time with. A good way to attract the ideal in your life is to do something to make it real. You could strive each day to be the ideal friend. And it would probable work.

There are usually people around to tell you that your dream is impossible. When you are practicing idealism, you make a plan and then stick with it no matter what.

Make sure that your words and your actions match. Don’t say you believe in peace, for example, and then go around bashing people. Practicing the virtues is a great way to make the ideal real in your life.

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