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The purpose of obedience is to guide and protect you. You need to think for yourself, and to feel sure that when you are obeying someone, even in your own family, that doing so is for your own good and will not hurt you or others

When you are obedient, you abide by the rules, even if you don’t like them, or it takes a lot of self-discipline to do so. You obey the rules even when no one is watching. To be obedient is to be trustworthy.


Being obedient keeps you safe and happy. When people don’t care about obedience, they do just what they want even when it hurts themselves or other people. If everyone drove as fast as they wanted, many more people would be hurt of killed. If you rode your bicycle on the wrong side of the road, you could easily have an accident. There are many dangers in the world. Without obedience it is easy to get hurt or lost.

When you obey people who care for and want to protect you, it brings freedom and safety. If you know where it is safe to play, you can feel free of worry about unnecessary dangers. The same is true for laws created to protect the community. When everyone obeys the law, we can trust each other.

When people in a family abide by the family rules and keep their agreements, such as who does the dishes Thursday night, of who cares or the pets, it keeps things running smoothly. When you obey your inner guidance, your life gains order and discipline. You can trust yourself.


Obedience begins by doing what you are asked to do—by your family, your teachers, your coaches, and even your country.

Obedience is playing by the rules. It keeps things fair. Use your willpower to follow the rules, even when you feel like breaking them or ignoring them. Take responsibility for keeping agreements rather than waiting to be reminded. Be faithful to what your parents, elders, and teachers ask of you even when no one is watching. Follow the laws of the land in which you live.

Be respectful of those in authority when they tell you what to do, even if you don’t agree with or understand it. If you need to question a rule or decision, do it respectfully and then do what you know is truly right.

Obey your own inner authority, that place of truth within you which knows what is right. Have courage to stand for what is true.

If you break a law and there are consequences to pay, have the courage to learn from your mistake. Face the consequence willingly. Then forgive yourself and get a fresh start.

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