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Definitions from The Virtues Project.

ASSERTIVENESS: Telling the truth about what is right, setting clear boundaries. MORE>

IDEALISM: Caring about what is right and meaningful in life. Daring to have big dreams and then acting as if they are possible. MORE>

CREATIVITY: The power of imagination. Being open to inspiration, which ignites our originality. MORE>

RESPECT: An attitude of honoring oneself and others through our words and actions. Treating every person with dignity and courtesy. MORE>

A street artist learns about RESPECT after his mural gets white-washed.

SELF-DISCIPLINE: The self-control to do only what we truly choose to do, without being blown off course by our desires. Establishing healthy and ennobling habits. MORE>

TRUTHFULNESS: Truth is the bedrock of integrity on which we build all our other virtues. An ongoing commitment to live by what is most real and authentic in our own nature. Honesty in all our dealings. MORE>

SERVICE: Doing helpful things that make a difference to others. Investing excellence in everything we do. The contribution we make is the fruitage of our lives. MORE>

COMPASSION: Deep empathy for the suffering of others. Compassion flows freely from the heart when we let go of judgments and seek to understand. MORE >

DETERMINATION: The power of intent that drives our dreams. Persevering until we meet our goals.

FORGIVENESS: Overlooking mistakes, and being willing to move forward with a clean slate. Forgiving others frees us from resentment. Forgiving ourselves is part of positive change. MORE >




The V Channel is currently in development. Our goal is to be the only virtues-driven parenting advice and kid self-help platform available in the media today. We are reaching out to major media and entertainment companies seeking a publishing deal. For information, contact:
Scott Feraco
Founder and Creative Director 917-445-0102



Special thanks to The Family Virtues Guide, by Linda Kavelin Popov with Dr. Dan Popov Ph.D., and John Kavelin, and The Virtues Project, a global grassroots initiative to inspire the practice of virtues in everyday life.

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