The “V” Crew is a group of virtues advocates volunteering their time to develop The “V” Channel.


SCOTT FERACO Founder and Creative Director
After a decade working in theatre, film and television. Scott went into advertising working as a creative director on a wide variety of accounts. Twenty-five years later he realized he derived more satisfaction and felt a stronger sense of purpose teaching his son virtues than he did meeting client deadlines. Following his heart, he left advertising and is now following his calling as the leader of the “V” Crew.
See Scott’s “V” blog, “Why I Left Advertising and Started Selling Virtues”

WENDY MATHER Editor and Contributing Writer
Wendy is a Master Facilitator of The Virtues Project and has worked extensively with children and youth in a variety of capacities for more than 30 years. Her background as a college professor and a social worker gives her writing a balance of high intelligence and deep compassion, providing “V” Channel readers with an informative yet visceral experience about how to apply virtues in life.

DARA FELDMAN M.Ed NBCT Education Director
In addition being the Director of Education for The Virtues Project—a global grassroots initiative to inspire the practice of virtues in everyday life—Dara is an award-winning educator with 16 years as a classroom teacher, 5 years as technology specialist and 2 years as an instructional coach. Her experience along with her contagious enthusiasm and courage to transform education inspires young people (and their parents!) to reach their highest potential.
See Dara’s “V” blog
Read Dara’s book, The Heart of Education

HOYT SMITH Contributing Writer

Hoyt is a strategic communicator with more than 25 years of experience in marketing, media relations and community relations, primarily in the fields of health care and higher education. A former business reporter, Hoyt also served as a public relations executive for the American Cancer Society promoting patient service programs and public awareness campaigns. Hoyt is also the parent of three teenage daughters.

R. ERIC CAMPBELL Youth Mentor Program Director

Eric’s adult life has been dedicated to working with young people in organizations such as the Urban Leadership Institute and Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Greater Chesapeake. He is an ongoing supporter and volunteer for Mentoring Male Teens In The Hood and is the Program Director for The Group Mentoring Initiative—his own mentoring initiative. From child advocacy to health education to program development and management, Eric’s motto comes from a mentor of his who believes, “Young people are ‘At Promise’, not ‘At Risk’.” With those words as his inspiration, Eric extends his energy in the belief that all young people are within reach to be great and productive members of our world.


We are inviting experts in their field to help us become a world-class online destination and social media network:

  • Website Designers and Programmers
  • Content Developers for Kids, Teens and Parents
  • Actors and Filmmakers (Writers, Directors, Producers, Editors and Sound Technicians)
  • Marketing, Account and Social Media Directors
  • Youth Leaders

Someday the “V” Crew will include “Influentials”—thought leaders in science, education, business and industry, along with cultural icons and trendsetters in the arts, sports and entertainment.


As we secure additional financing we’ll produce new videos and talk shows, develop interactive games and lesson plans, and much more. We’ll also revise and improve our website, providing you with a world-class online destination and social media network dedicated to the understanding and practical application of virtues.



Together we can bring out the best in our children (and ourselves).


Special thanks to The Family Virtues Guide, by Linda Kavelin Popov with Dr. Dan Popov Ph.D., and John Kavelin, and The Virtues Project, a global grassroots initiative to inspire the practice of virtues in everyday life.




5 thoughts on “THE “V” CREW

  1. Hi Gail. Tell me more about your experience with the Virtues Project. Email

  2. I just found you! I’ve been involved with the Virtues Project for about 12 years as a facilitator and in working with it in my own and family’s / friends lives on a daily basis. I have seen this work in action and know how powerful it is. Over the summer I read Dara’s book and expanded my activities in the Virtues work both in consultations & planning with Swedes & Norwegians, and in my daily life and work. I am so impressed with this website’s work and with Dara’s FB page that led me to this site. Thank you all for your invaluable efforts in effecting true change in our sorely troubled world.

  3. This is amazing work!

  4. Hello Eva. So sorry for the delayed response—The holidays swept me away for a few weeks. I’m back and thrilled to receive your comment. Yes, I wish you had a million dollars, however, your enthusiasm for The “V” Channel is an “emotional deposit” and will go a long way as we continue developing the channel in 2013. Thank you very much!

  5. I wish I had a million dollars! Because i would give it all to you! Congratulations on an amazing project. I will send a million dollars worth of prayers, positive energy and do all within my power to promote your excellent site. keep on changing the world! And THANK YOU!

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