“Mr. Scott”

After a rewarding career as a creative director, Scott Feraco left advertising and founded The V Channel, where he combines his communication skills with his passion for parenting and coaching.

To stay connected with a diversity of youth Scott began driving a school bus in Brooklyn NY, where he lives.

Known as “Mr. Scott”, he does more than getting children to school and home safely — he teaches them virtues.

By modeling respect, caring, compassion and other virtues that build trust and friendship, “Mr. Scott” is able to inspire kids to think about and explore how virtues empower everyone to overcome adversity, rise above negative influences, and achieve their goals and dreams. Taking those lessons and experiences to heart, he then shares them with The V Channel’s audience across the country and throughout the world.

Watch the mini-documentary featuring “Mr. Scott” and the kids on bus #440

Click to play video (9:22) >


The V Channel is the only 100% Virtues-Driven Parenting and Kid Self-Improvement Platform available in the media today. Stay tuned as we seek a publishing deal and corporate sponsors.

For more information contact Scott Feraco.
Email: scott@theVchannel.com
Mobile: 917-445-0102

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