From The Family Virtues Guide

“What is Integrity?”

Integrity is standing up for what you believe is right, living by your highest values. It is being honest and sincere with others and yourself. You are integrous when you words and actions match. You don’t fool yourself into doing what you know is wrong. You fill your life and your mind with things that help you to live a good, clean life.

Why Practice it?

Without integrity, no one would be able to trust each other to do what they say they are going do. Integrity helps us listen to our conscience, to do the right thing, to tell the truth. When people act with integrity, they stand for something. Others believe them and rely on them. Integrity gives us self-respect and a peaceful heart.

How Do You Practice it?

You practice integrity by thinking about the virtues that matter to you and doing your best to live by them. When you make a mistake, you clean it up. You don’t follow the crowd. You think for yourself. You don’t say one thing and do another. You do the right thing even when no one is watching. Even when it is hard to do the right things, you stand strong.

What would Integrity look like if…

  • All your friends are going to a movie your parents don’t want you to see?
  • You promised your friend you would keep her secret?
  • The teacher has left the room?
  • You find a jacket and it’s nicer than yours?
  • Other people are cheating on a test?
  • You have agreed to do a job and it becomes to hard?

Congratulations! You are practicing Integrity when you…

  • Think about what virtues you care about
  • Stand strong for what you believe
  • Willingly clean up mistakes
  • Do the right thing even when it is hard
  • Think for yourself and avoid temptation
  • Are your own leader


I have integrity. I mean what I say and say what I mean. I stand up for what is right. I am my own leader.

1 thought on “THE “WHAT, WHY & HOW” OF INTEGRITY

  1. Jayne Bolsover July 22, 2013 — 6:42 pm

    Hi V Channel

    Yes I got it. Thank you.


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