You’ve Gotta Care! (BLOG)

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Could you imagine if you became sick at the office one day, and when you tell your boss they hand you a post-it note that reads, “I DON’T CARE”.

How sad and angry would that make you feel?

Without caring, nothing and no one matters. If someone is hurt or sick, no one will help them. When people have an “I don’t care” attitude, they do a sloppy or incomplete job. Things break and people are hurt.

Biker Dudes Care?!

Reference:, “Outlaw bikers turn Santa’s helpers in Toys for Tots” by Mark Jurkevich
AP Photo

Since 1947 the charity Toys For Tots has brought joy and priceless smiles to millions of needy children who otherwise would have felt passed over by Santa on Christmas morning. For decades the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club has been such an enormous patron, demonstrating that even big, burly biker dudes can practice the virtue of Caring. (Now, if they would only care about our eardrums and stop the “Loud Pipes Save Lives” thing!)

girl-caring-for-friendYoung Children are Wonderful at Caring.

When a first-grader arrived home from school quite late, her worried mother demanded, “Where have you been?” The little girl pleaded, “Oh, Mommy, please don’t be upset with me. Emily dropped her favorite doll when we were walking home and its arm broke. I had to stay with her and help her cry.”

Caring comes naturally to young children. They do not question, judge, mask, or otherwise constrain the flow of their magnificent feeling nature. Yet in the process of “growing up” and “putting away childish things,” we tend to forsake our childlike nature.

Let’s remind our older children (and ourselves) to care for others by showing love and concern and by doing kind things for them. Ask them how they are and what they think. When they are sad, ask “How can I help?”

Teach Your Kids The “What, Why and How” of Caring.

What is Caring?

Caring is giving love and attention to people and thing that matter to you.  When you care about people, you help them. When you do a careful job, you give it your very best effort.  You treat people and things gently and respectfully.

Why Practice It?

Without caring, nothing and no one matters.  If someone is hurt or sick, no one will help them.  When people have an “I don’t care” attitude, they do a sloppy or incomplete job.  Things break and people are hurt.  Caring people help others feel less alone.  Because they care, others trust them.  Caring makes the world a better and safer place.

How Do You Practice It?

You care for others when you show love and concern by doing kind things for them.  Ask them how they are and what they think.  When they are sad, ask “How can I help?”  You handle things with control and gentleness.  You give your best to everything you do.  When you take care of yourself, you treat your body with respect.  You keep yourself clean and healthy.  You take care of your needs.

Ask your children the question, “What would Caring look like if…”

  • You are doing a chore for your family?
  • You notice that one of your friends looks sad?
  • You come home after school and start talking to your mother?
  • It is your job to take care of a pet?
  • You are doing a school assignment?
  • You feel upset about something that is hard to talk about?


Give your kids a high-five and congratulate them—they are practicing Caring when they…

  • Treat others, themselves and the earth with care
  • Look at people and listen closely
  • Handle things carefully
  • Are gentle and loving with anyone or anything placed in their care
  • Treat their body with respect
  • Work with enthusiasm and excellence

From The Virtues Project Educator’s Guide by Linda Kavelin Popov, Author of The Family Virtues Guide. For more information go to the

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