“We adore the innovative work you are doing and it is well aligned to the adolescent learner.”
Ailene Altman Mitchell, Principal, M.S. 88, Brooklyn NY

 “Love your work in this space!!”
— Tiffany Shlain, Emmy-nominated filmmaker, author, public speaker and co-founder of Character Day.

“Your creativity really shines as well as your steadfast commitment to inspiring us all to build a better world.”
— Linda Kavelin Popov, Co-founder of the Virtues ProjectTM and author of The Family Virtues Guide

The V Channel is AWEsome! Your steadfastness is inspiring and only pales in comparison to your creative contribution in bringing virtues to life. I celebrate what you have done and continue to do! It is exciting to see how TVC is growing. So grateful for all of the good you are putting out into the world. You are making a huge difference!
— Dara Schain Feldman, Educator, speaker, author and co-founder of Virtues Matter

“What a fun and engaging way to bring virtues into the classroom both with educators and children! I can see that you have used the role-play and improv acting ideas that use the principle of ‘engaging everyone in the audience all the time.’ Such pedagogical techniques are very effective, in my experience as a conference planner and teacher.”
Srividya Ramasubramanian, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Communication, Texas A&M University, Senior Visiting Fellow, London School of Economics (Dept. of Media & Communication) Co-Founder Media Rise Festival

“Throughout the year, you managed to make a highly positive and long lasting impression on my boys. I feel truly blessed that my children’s path crossed with yours and I am certain that the virtues lessons they learned from you will last a lifetime. The V Channel is doing a wonderful job making virtues not only relevant, but even ‘cool. I am really glad that there are people such as yourself who are taking a stand and devoting their time and energy to create a better generation of individuals. From the bottom of my heart, I offer you my sincerest gratitude.”
— Leor, Mother of Shlomo, Noam and Elad Guttman

“Thank you! I really appreciate the work you put into this topic!”
— Carolyn Iverson

“Thanks for the awe-inspiring work you are doing in such an essential field. May you continue to do so for many more years. With great admiration and joy.”
— Diana MacPherson

“Good on Nicolas and Morgan!! Quite a challenging exploration – I like that it addresses some of the complexity of teenage living. He has identified key virtues of moderation, honesty, peacefulness, and creativity. I also appreciate that he explains that the experience of virtues is independent of religion. Virtues are available if we choose to call on our higher self.”
— Nodi Ipp, Certified Master Facilitator, The Virtues Project

“I am a fan of The V Channel. The time is NOW for learning, practicing and remembering virtues.”
— Denise Tremblay, Fitness and socialization instructor for adults with special needs

“I am so happy yall exist. I recently came across your wonderful organization and, if nothing else, thank you all for what you do. The concept alone is inspiring. Teaching virtues through simple videos and experiences removes the issue of interpretation and ideology – simply expressing what it is to be a good and empowered person is such a terrific mission statement. I am now in Austin, TX, by way of Chicago, and both places could use a presence like yours. Please let me know how I can get involved. I would love to organize a group to make similarly inspiring videos to contribute to your collection, all with local examples of strength and truth that you so effectively promote.”
— Stephen Ryan, Filmmaker

 “This is what our children need, mentors and roll models, be them parents, grandparents, and friends. If we don’t take the time and responsibility to teach, how will they learn? Thank you for being mentors and roll models… for the young, and old, (me).”
— Timothy Carr

“Beautiful, touching and valuable.”
— Frank

“Very cool! Kudos to you for creating a mom friendly, kid friendly approach to helping us all be ‘our best’!”
— Nancy Feraco, Instructor for children with special needs

“I love what your doing. For a few years now, I have been searching for a kid-friendly way to teach my children about virtues. Something with simple, clear messages, and short, to the point entertaining videos. The past 2 week while in ‘quarantine’, I have had the opportunity to test out The V Channel’s coloring sheets and videos with my four kids, ages 6, 6, 8 and 10. They ALL love them! The coloring sheets & videos are opening up their minds & hearts as well as beautiful conversations. It is giving me a great tool to use daily when conflicts arise between them. I am able to help them recognize their behaviors or attitudes, to put a name to it and discuss ways to change those behaviors or attitudes. My kids are even asking daily, “What virtue are we going to learn about today?”  You have NO idea how excited this makes me. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to give them these lessons daily and now to have so tools to base my teachings off of. I guess its one of the gifts from having school cancelled for the rest of the year : ) I look forward to keep using The V Channel in my daily home schooling curriculum.”
— Michele Blanton, Mother

“I just wanted you to know that your work and dedication has had such an enormous impact on so many lives. Your emphasis on virtues has influenced not only the lucky kids on your bus route, but the countless lives that they touch as well. I hope you keep up the fantastic, honorable work you do and gain the well deserved support and funding to help grow.”
— Leor, Mother of Shlomo, Noam and Elad Guttman

“I’ve enjoyed navigating the V toons website today. I felt very inspired and grateful and noticed the commitment to excellence, creativity and service. Your videos impacted children in Singapore at SJI International School when I used them there. I am now working with Youth and Families at Valley Presbyterian Church in California. A wonderful opportunity to introduce families to the VP through your website.
— Kerry Tremblay, NextGen Lead, Valley Presbyterian Church

“I was pretty excited to see your coloring sheets put up in another teacher’s classroom (laminated, too). I am hopeful that teaching children these things at a young age will help them be better people when they are older. I really like your website, and follow your FaceBook. Apparently, others do as well. :)”
— Ashley Brown, Elementary teacher, Baltimore, MD

“Thank you for creating this platform. In today’s society it is increasingly important to build the moral character of children by learning virtues.”
— Natalee Queneau, Mother, Brooklyn, NY

“Paul and I love the V Channel! We use color pages and videos with our friends’ kids, our Bahai children’s classes and Jr Youth Group! Everyone at every age always respond (even the most aloof!) Honoring your courage, vision and determination to move forward to serve others through The V Channel.”
— Frances and Paul Klippel, Florence, Oregon

“Very nice to hear a different approach to teaching children some very basic concepts that are missed in these times.”
— Joe Cost

“We love The V Channel and the virtues it inspires in all of us.”
— Rudy Medina, the Medina Family Trust

“I noticed that I had a big smile on my face as I read your article and watched your Youtube video’s. That smile is for you and the wonderful work you do to inspire kids, and it has paid off! Your stories are a testament that the Virtues are present in kids. Those kids on your bus will take the Virtue’s knowledge with them and pass it on to those they interact with. Pay it forward, with love and encouragement. Go “V Channel” and praise to you Mr. Scott!”
— Nancy Feraco

“Your work is excellent – creative and helpful.”
—Donna Wheatcroft

“Super Awesome!”
— Sheri Watson

“So very proud of you. Something that started out as a dream in your head has become such an important reality!”
— David Michael Kennedy

OMG!!! LOVE this… nailed it! Hits my core without hesitation or resistance. Beautiful work.
— Barbara Mackenzie

“Great idea. Please keep on thinking and doing. We are backing you in this cause.”
— Melvin Kaplan, Founder, Harry Singer Foundation


THE V CHANNEL (TVC) is the only non-religious, 100% virtues-driven children’s self-improvement media platform available today. Stay tuned as we seek a publishing deal and corporate sponsors to help us inspire kids to be their best.

For more information contact Scott Feraco.
Email: scott@theVchannel.com
Mobile: 917-445-0102

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