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Orderliness is being neat, and living with a sense of harmony. It is being organized and having a place for things when you need them. Orderliness is planning something so that it works, doing it step by step instead of going in circles. Orderliness is putting first things first, and taking care of things you need to do.


When people are orderly, they get things done efficiently, without wasting time and effort. Without order there is confusion, and it is easy to lose things. People who need to do things quickly and skillfully need to be very orderly. What would happen if doctors and fire-fighters misplaced the tools they need to save lives? When you are orderly you can find a solution to any problem.


Decide how you want to arrange the space around you to keep it orderly and attractive. Have a place for your things and put them away when you finish using them. Orderliness helps you do things efficiently, by making a plan and following it, step by step. Orderliness can help you solve even difficult problems. Divide them into small parts and handle them one at a time. Order around you creates order inside you. It gives you peace of mind.

What would Orderliness look like if…

  • You look at your room and see a big mess?
  • You finish playing with a game that has lots of pieces?
  • You find it really hard to deal with some problem?
  • You’re running around the school yard and hear the bell?
  • You’re on a hike and don’t know where to put the trash from your lunch?
  • You have a big job to do?

Congratulations! You are practicing Orderliness when you…

  • Have a place to put each of your things
  • Put your things away in the same place each time
  • Have a plan before you begin any job
  • Solve problems step-by-step
  • Create a harmonious space that gives you peace of mind.


I live this day with order. I do things step-by-step. I create beauty and harmony in my space and in my life._


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