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Practicing justice is being fair in everything you do. It is seeing with your own eyes and not judging something or someone by what other people tell you. Being just is standing up for your rights and the rights of other people. It is taking responsibility if you make a mistake and making amends. Justice means that every person’s rights are protected.


Without justice, people get away with hurting or taking advantage of others, and keep on doing it. Without justice, the world can be a cruel and dangerous place. People are judged by their gender, race or religion. When justice is practiced, everyone has a fair chance to be seen for who they are. If someone is accused of something, they get a chance to tell their side. With justice, everyone gets a fair share.


If someone is hurting you, it is just to stop them. It is never “just” for a strong people to hurt weaker people. If you hurt someone else, fix the problem by making amends. Investigate the truth for yourself instead of listening to others. Instead of prejudging, see people as individuals. Don’t accept it when someone acts like a bully, cheats or lies. Being a champion for justice takes courage. Sometimes when you stand for justice, you stand alone.

What would Justice look like if…

  • You are with a group and they start to gossip?
  • Everyone is teasing a child who looks different?
  • Someone makes a remark to you about people of another race?
  • An older child keeps getting rough with you?
  • Something is missing from your room and you think your brother took it?
  • You are teasing someone and cause their lunch to fall on the floor?

You are practicing Justice when you…

  • Think for yourself
  • Avoid gossip and backbiting
  • Refuse to prejudge—see people as individuals
  • Own up to your mistakes and accept the consequences
  • Share fairly with others
  • Stand up for people’s rights, including your own


I act with justice. I stand up for the rights of others and myself. I have no need to pretend of defend. I choose to make amends.


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