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Enthusiasm is being cheerful and happy. Enthusiasm is doing something wholeheartedly, with zeal and eagerness. It is giving a hundred percent to what you do, holding nothing back. Being enthusiastic is being excited about something, looking forward to it.

Enthusiasm is being filled with a positive spirit. It is not something you do but the way you go about doing it. You can be enthusiastic about going to school, taking out the garbage, or going fishing.

Enthusiasm is when you bring cheerfulness to whatever you do and give it your best. Enthusiasm makes even the dullest job fun.


Enthusiasm is catching. When you are enthusiastic, other people get caught up in your excitement. Even the dullest job goes quickly. You find it easier to do your best because you are putting everything you have into what you are doing. People like to be around you and have you near them. Enthusiasm makes everyone’s life more enjoyable.


Enthusiasm is an attitude. It comes from inside. You let yourself get excited about what you are doing and what you are planning. You become enthusiastic by thinking about how enjoyable something is going to be or thinking of ways to make it fun.

You cannot make yourself excited about everything, but you can help by using abilities you have within you. You can use your imagination to find the excitement in the things you do. You can think of new and original ways to do it.

Another way is to picture the results of what you do before they happen. If you are cleaning out a shed, picture what it will look like when you are done. Imagine how pleased people will be when they see it neat and clean.

Enthusiasm is taking time for simple pleasure and enjoying the wonders of life. You can show your enthusiasm towards others too, by celebrating with them something wonderful happens. You show enthusiasm in your smile, the excitement on your face, saying things like “Wow!” “This is great!” Showing your feelings of enthusiasm gives other people encouragement.

What would Enthusiasm look like if…

  • You particularly like a dish your mother or father cooks?
  • You like a new song a friend played for you?
  • Your brother did well in a sport?
  • You are bored and tired of sitting around at home?
  • You look outside one night and see the stars?
  • You have a big chore to do for your family?

Congratulations! You are practicing Enthusiasm when you…

  • Let yourself enjoy looking forward to something
  • Think of imaginative ways to get things done
  • Do things wholeheartedly
  • Smile, laugh and enjoy what you do
  • Enjoy the wonders of life
  • Are full of positive spirit


I am full of enthusiasm. I look on the bright side. I give 100% to whatever I do. I use my imagination. I am open to the wonders in store for me today.


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