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You are a new creation. No one has ever been born who is just like you, with your special combination of gifts and talents. Creativity is a way to use your gifts to bring new things into the world.

Creativity is expressing new ideas and inventions, new kinds of music, dance, and art. It is a way to let the light of originality within you shine out for the benefit of others. Creativity connects us with beauty.

Creativity is the power of imagination. It is seeing old things in new ways, doing things in a way that has not been done before.


Without creativity there would be no advancement in the world. Things would just stay the same. Without great ideas there would be no new inventions. We would just keep doing things as they have always been done. We would still be just riding donkeys to get somewhere instead of taking a plane, train, boat, or car.

Without music, art and literature, life would be dull and boring. Listening to beautiful music uplifts people’s souls. Wonderful dances, paintings, sculpture, drawings, movies and video games have the same effect. When artists create, they bring joy to the world.

When we share our ideas with one another, things can be improved. When scientists are creative, they come up with new cures for diseases.

Every person can serve the world by learning about arts, sciences and technology. We express out highest self when we practice the gift of creativity in out lives.


You practice creativity by developing your gifts to the fullest.

First, find out what they are. Notice what you like to do. Take time for dreaming. Then learn how to develop your gifts and talents so that you will get better and better.

Creativity is discipline in the service of vision. When you have a vision of something you want to create, you need to make it real. It could be a story, painting, dance, song, or new invention. Learning how to draw, or to play an instrument, or taking dance lessons, gives you the discipline to be creative.

Creativity is also working in a bakery and producing bread that tastes especially good. It is doing the familiar a little better than before. Creativity leads to an improvement.

Practicing creativity means doing things your own way rather than copying other people. Creativity is a way to use your special gifts to serve the world.

What would Creativity look like if…

  • Your wish you could play and instrument?
  • You get an idea for designing a new toy?
  • The method you use for cleaning your room takes too long?
  • You wonder if you could write a poem?
  • A friend is having a birthday and you don’t want to spend much money on a gift?
  • You are spending too much time watching television?

Congratulations! You are practicing Creativity when you…

  • Discover your gifts
  • Use knowledge and training to develop them
  • Think of new ways to make things work better
  • Use your imagination
  • Take time for dreaming
  • Do things in your own creative way


I am creative. I have special gifts and I am willing to develop them. I use my imagination. I am open to inspiration. I am happy to be myself.


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